A couple of weeks ago I switched employers, but I'm only able to talk about it now that the deal has been officially announced: RabbitMQ has been acquired by VMware, and along with it, a team of developers from LShift. I'm happy to be a member of that team.

Strictly speaking, we've been acquired by SpringSource. But the boundary between SpringSource and the rest of VMware is porous. In any case, we'll be working out of a VMware office in London.

As some readers may know, I hold strong opinions about virtualization. I believe that full system virtualization rightfully belongs as an operating system feature, and I'm very happy to see the x86 PC platform and operating systems maturing to the point where that becomes a reality. Non-OS virtualization solutions are a temporary anomaly, a bit like DOS extenders were 20 years ago, and the sooner they go away, the better. For this reason, I have been an advocate of KVM for some time.

But with that said, I'm very excited to be joining VMware. They have been in the virtualization business a long time, and understand the needs of their customers in ways that are much broader than just system virtualization. I'm sure that myself and the rest of the RabbitMQ team are going to have an interesting time there.

LShift will carry on much as before, and they will be hiring even more strenuously than usual. So if you are a top-notch developer in London who is looking for a stimulating working environment, you might want to contact them.