mount: cannot mount /dev/root on /sysroot: invalid argument

If, under Fedora, you install a kernel update, and it refuses to boot with the error above, then it is probably this bug. Apparently, it's fixed in rawhide. And if we're very lucky, they might even push the fix out for F10.

Comment from jonathan

I just got hit with this error Friday night, after no changes, I just shutdown after using my laptop on the train, and it wouldn't reboot at home? (unclean shutdown?)

Is there any fix? I need to recover some files, at least.

I am using an old Dell Inspiron, Fedora 10 with LVM, dual booting with MS Windows XP in NTFS. Windows boots fine. The Grub menu seems OK, but I get the same error after choosing any Linux Kernel I choose.

Thanks for any help you can direct me to.

Comment from David

The issue I encountered would only affect newly installed kernels. If all the kernels in your grub menu have suddenly become unbootable, it might be a different problem.

Anyway, your best bet is probably to boot from the F10 LiveCD, and try to mount your filesystems.