Mathematica Home Edition

Further to my last post, I note that Mathematica has released Mathematica Home Edition, for $295. It's the full Mathematica, but for personal use only. And I'm glad to see that the Linux version is included.

The hitch is that it's only available in the US and Canada.

If this offer was available in the UK, I'd be tempted. My other issues with Mathematica still stand, but the high price is no longer so much of a barrier.

Update: The Home Edition offer is now available in the UK, at a price of £195.

Comment from Anonymous

It is not a full version but it is crippled to be 32-bit only, not 64-bit as the professional version is.

Comment from Anonymous

Mathematica Home Edition is available in the UK @ £195 - see

But also consider using Sage, which is an open-source program. In some areas (e.g. number theory) it is way ahead of Mathematica. Others it is eqaual and in others (graphs) it does lag Mathematica. But there is a huge development effort on Sage, with funding from Microsoft, Google and various govenment bodies in the US. Sage is impressive, and would appear to have a very bright future.

Note you can't get premier service with the home edition, so I'm not sure if it can be updated without buying a new version. If that is the case, it is not such a bargain as it might first appear.

Comment from David

Wow, two comments in the space of 15 minutes!

Anonymous commenter no. 1: My understanding is that it's a full version in the sense that all the functionality is there. I can imagine that the 32-bit edition would impose some limitations, and as I only uses 64-bit operating systems on my desktop and laptop machines, I would certainly perefer a 64-bit version. But practically speaking, I find it hard to imagine that I would really notice the difference, and I expect that the same is true for most potential users of the home edition. If I'm underestimating the constraints of the 32-bit version, I'd be happy to hear more.

Anonymous commenter no. 2: Thanks for the update; I'm glad to see that this offer is now more widely available. I think you got the URL slightly wrong though (no 's' in products). I'll add an update to the original post with the correct URL in a second.

I'm a heavy user of Python, so I do have some exposure to Sage; I believe some packages that I regularly use are bundled with Sage. But until now I understood it to be more comparable to Matlab than to Mathmatica. Perhaps I have been mistaken, and I should examine it more closely.

But as my post hinted, I don't really have a need for the mathematical capabilities of Mathematica, impressive as they are. It's Mathematica as an interactive computing environment that really grabs my attention. I wonder how Sage compares in those stakes?

You point about the upgrade issue is a good one, and something I would look into if I do think about making a purchase.