Emacs font problem

There have been no updates here for a while. That's because I've been settling into a new job and a new flat/apartment (delete according to your prefered dialect). So, to keep this blog warm while I adapt to the new regime, a small Linux-related note:

My new place of employment is an Ubuntu shop, so I have been getting used to Gutsy Gibbon. I also recently upgraded my personal laptop to Fedora 8. Both of these have emacs 22.1.1. And both exhibited a new problem with emacs font handling: Emacs would ignore my font customizations, even though it took note of my color preferences, which are part of the same settings. This was quite annoying, so I spent many hours trying to track the cause down. I did find that it has nothing to do with the emacs version, but is actually related to the X version (running the new emacs under the old version of X is problem-free). But I gave up investigating further because I found a workaround: If I set the desired font using X resources instead of (or in addition to) the emacs customization system, then emacs always picks it up. So now I have

emacs.font: fixed

in my .Xdefaults, and emacs is back to its good old self.