Enabling MP3 support in XMMS on Fedora 7

Recently I received some MP3 files. Fedora doesn't include MP3 support, due the patents surrounding MP3. This wasn't a problem for me until now, since my music collection is in FLAC and Ogg Vorbis.

But livna makes it easy to fix this:

$ wget http://rpm.livna.org/fedora/7/`uname -i`/livna-release-7-2.noarch.rpm
$ rpm -i livna-release-7-2.noarch.rpm
$ yum install xmms-mp3

(That's for xmms, but livna also has packages to provide MP3 support for gstreamer etc.)

Comment from Leonya

I find it rather amusing that XMMS, while horribly outdated, is still the player of choice if one needs to playback "esoteric" formats. I have a lot of Monkey Audio and WavPack files - nothing but XMMS can play them. And even that is achieved by installing "unsafe" packages from weird repositories. On the other hand, we have, like, five different "multimedia frameworks". Oh gosh...

Comment from David

I just use XMMS because I'm old fashioned. It does what I need well enough, so there is no reason for me to learn a new tool.