Dear music industry

I don't want to discourage your progress with DRM-free online music stores. They are interesting to me in a way that DRM-encumbered services are not. But while you only offer MP3 files, and not files using an open lossless format, it just doesn't work for me.

(Radiohead's experiment excluded. I can't explain why I am willing to pay 40 pounds for their new album in a nice box two months in advance of receiving it. But being able to download it while I wait for it to arrive is a bonus.)

Comment from Leonya

Lossless is coming in near future, I suppose. Some niche (mostly classical and jazz) online outlets are offering lossless downloads already. Unfortunately it is considered by many that MP3 is good enough, and lossless audio is something that only audiophiles want :(

Comment from David

I hope so. I'm worried that they are going to sell MP3s for a couple of years, then suddenly introduce better formats, and try to get everyone to re-buy their music collection (as with HD-DVD and Blu-ray). If I'm going to pay per-track prices close to CDs, I want the quality and permanence of CDs.

(Why does your website respond with "403 Forbidden" recently?)

Comment from Leonya

> Why does your website respond with "403 Forbidden" recently?

I sort of grew tired of it and decided to shut it down. I'm currently blogging at - our (Yandex) own blogging service.

Comment from Leonya

I've sent you the invitation to