Many web sites ask for your title as part of your name. Most of them just have a few mundane options: “Mr”, “Mrs”, etc. Some sites will go a bit further and include “Dr”. But the British Airways booking site leaves them all behind:

A screenshot of the BA website

They have 195 options in their title list. The mundane ones are there, in a variety of languages (Herr, Mademoiselle). They've got religious titles (Monsignor, Rabbi), military titles (Vice Admiral, Maj Gen), royalty and aristocracy (Her Majesty, Baron, Datuk Seri, Tan Sri Dato, Tengku).

How can people say that BA service is slipping in the face of this kind of attention to detail?

(BoingBoing reported on this three years ago, but I only noticed it when booking a flight last week, so it was amusing to me. Anyway, if you want to see the full list, go there.)

Comment from Askar

It does not list "Comrade" though. What an omission! "Fuhrer" is also missing which is a shame.