Blogger custom domain names

Blogger now has support for custom domain names. You set up DNS to direct the desired domain name to Google's servers, and they serve the blog pages. This allows them to offer all the features of Blogspot blogs on a custom domain name, unlike FTP blogs for which some features are unavailable. Since I have a Blogger-generated blog on my own domain, this caught my eye.

But there's no chance that I will switch to this service, for the following reasons:

  • The URL for my blog is, so that I can host some non-blog content at at some point in the future. Google Page Creator and Google Apps for Your Domain might allow me to host that other content on Google's servers, but I would have to change the URL structure.
  • No access to access logs. Even though I'm not interested in visible TrackBack's, being able to review the access logs from time to time is important to me. For example, I know that this entry is by far the most widely read thing on this site (it is the first result on Google for “installing fc6 without internet” and many variations, paradoxically including “installing fc6 over internet”). A large readership is not a goal of this blog, but it is interesting to know that if I write some useful and timely information, people are able to find it.