Blogger Beta does FTP publishing

So, I sat down to write a post about how Blogger has dropped the FTP publishing functionality in Blogger Beta, and how I understand their decision but still feel a little bit rejected, since I use the FTP publishing feature, and in fact that feature is why I started using Blogger for this blog a couple of years ago (I like to use my own domain and see the access logs), and it seems that they might start forcing users over to Blogger Beta, which will force me to change blogging software, and I know all the Real Programmers write their own blog software, but I have better things to do with my time, so what are the options these days, and will this lead to me switching my hosting provider, because I only have static HTML hosting at the moment?

But first, I thought I should do a quick search to see what others have to say on the subject. And the first result was a Blogger Buzz posting saying that Blogger Beta gained FTP publishing a month ago! So now, all I have to say is:

  • Yay to the Blogger team.
  • Maybe I should subscribe to the Blogger Buzz blog.
  • Maybe the Blogger team should send an email to their downhearted FTP publishing users telling them this exciting news.
  • And they should probably update/eliminate this misleading page (update: now Blogger in Beta has moved out of beta, that page has been removed.)

Comment from Anonymous

They still haven't updated that misleading page.