Bill de hÓra writes:

Anyway, here's a prediction. Steve Yegge is the next Greenspun|Spolsky|Graham.

And indeed, Steve's site is a real treasure trove. But there is a downside to discovering a collection of essays like these: On one hand, I want to read them all as quickly as possible, to make sure I don't miss something. On the other hand, if I try to read everything in one sitting, I might not do the pieces justice: I want to savour each one, chewing them over in my mind (and trying out some of his emacs tips).

Unfortunately, Steve Yegge's site doesn't have an RSS/Atom feed. For sites with a feed, I subscribe to it, and leave the unread items sitting in my news reader, dipping into them at leisure. Well, unless there are more than about 10 or 20 existing entries, in which case the older posts fall off the end of the RSS/Atom document, and you have to go to the web site and click around on the archive links. (Maybe Mark Nottingham's Feed History proposal will catch on and fix this.)

Comment from Leonid Khachaturov

Good stuff. Thanks for posting this.